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Amazing Sunday by Sushi Shop! The box to bring a touch of magic back to your Sundays!

Amazing Sunday

Amazing Sunday by Sushi Shop*

2 Salmon Sushi
2 Salmon Tsukudani Sushi
2 Tuna Sushi
6 Salmon Maki
6 Pacific Roll
6 Chicken Katsu Roll
6  Avocado Cheese Spring
6 Fried Chicken Avocado Spring
8 Rock'n'Roll Signature

44 pieces - £29.90

Get it every Sunday to take away only until December 12th, 2021!


Presentation suggestion. Raw tuna : Albacore or bigeye. *Maximum recommended prices.

**Box available only on Sundays sold in store to take away from 07/11/21 to 12/12/21 inclusive.