A 100% tasty & happy box!

The Sushi Shop x Smiley® collaboration is bursting with ENERGY!


Iconic, legendary, fun...

For its 50th birthday, Smiley is bringing its signature yellow colour and famous smile to a new limited edition box for Sushi Shop.


To celebrate this event, Sushi Shop has created a sunny new gourmet box to put a smile on your face!

On the menu: colourful, fresh, fruity recipes... a dazzling box brimming with optimism!


It's the happiest news of the season!


A 100% tasty & happy box!

Fill up on happiness with this unique, gourmet box


Box composition :

2 Tasty Tulip - NEW

6 Fresh Maki - NEW

6 Exotic Roll - NEW

 4 Salmon Sushi

6 Cheese Salmon Maki

6 Pacific Roll

6 Cooked Tuna Avocado Roll

6 Fried Chicken Spring


£40.90* - 42 pieces


The Tasty Tulip

Discover the secret of a radish that’s unlike any other… The smoky flavours of haddock are balanced by a hint of lemon, all enveloped in a thin slice of turnip for a fresh, crunchy note!

Smoked haddock, daikon, dill, lime mayonnaise

£3.50* - 1 piece


The Fresh Maki

Try something new with a fresh maki! It’s a sweet/savoury blend where the tender flavour of yellowtail meets zingy pineapple.

Yellowtail, pineapple, soy leaf, basil, miso yuzu mayonnaise


£7.00* - 6 pieces


The Exotic Roll

Enjoy sunny flavours with the irresistible California roll! On the menu: prawn tempura and melting mango, all lightly seasoned with spicy sauce!

Prawn tempura, mango, avocado, coriander, chives, spicy mayonnaise

£7.10* - 6 pieces


*Maximum recommended prices.