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Anne Sophie Pic, the only French woman to be awarded with three stars, has designed four creations full of delicacy and poetry for Sushi Shop


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The only French female chef with three Michelin stars, Anne-Sophie Pic has been exploring the power and complexity of aromatic fragrance for more than 20 years by combining fresh flavours to enhance every note. Her culinary world can be experienced in Valence, her family’s home, in Paris, Lausanne and London.

I love Japanese gastronomy because of its search for the quintessence of taste, refinement and purity. Examples of my favourite products include matcha, saké sediment, sobacha and genmaicha. It found it interesting to reinterpret my culinary world through symbolic Japanese products like sushi and maki. I love the idea of a framework or a constraint to release creativity.

Discover her creations
Limited Edition

  • 3 Sushi with yellow tail, sage and lemon balm pesto, smoked tea
  • 8 Signature with tuna, green apple, dill and sobacha
  • 6 California with goat cheese, matcha green tea and bergamot
  • 6 Woodland maki with mushrooms, rose
23 pieces

into her world


Four delicious & refined creations



tuna, green apple, dill and sobacha

Tuna coated with cardamom-fl avoured honey and Tasmanian peppercorns, celeriac and green apple remoulade, avocado, red chicory, dill, sobacha

The combination of dill, green apple and sobacha creates a balance. Dill’s aniseed and herbaceous notes develop a fl oral and aromatic base when combined with the slight acidity of apple. Sobacha, roasted buckwheat seeds, adds some self-indulgence and body while working with tuna’s salty notes.

Did you know?

SOBACHA, also called ‟buckwheat tea”, is an infusion of toasted and roasted buckwheat seeds.

8 pieces


Goat cheese, matcha green tea and bergamot

Goat cheese, matcha green tea, bergamot, ginger, genmaicha

Bergamot has a very fl oral and slightly bitter taste which perfectly draws out the bitterness of matcha tea. Grilled rice genmaicha balances out this combination and adds a roasted, full-bodied fl avour.

Did you know?

GENMAICHA is made from a blend of Japanese green tea and wild puffed rice.MATCHA TEA is an extremely fine green tea powder. Very refined, this tea is carefully made in Japan from

6 pieces


Button mushrooms, rose geranium, ginger

Button mushrooms, rose geranium, ginger

The combination of rose geranium, yuzu and ginger brings together bitter, spicy and fl oral fl avours. Rose geranium gives off a lemon-like scent reminiscent of Damask roses which draws on the acidity of the yuzu. Ginger works to enhance the fl avour by bringing out fl oral notes and adding freshness.

Did you know?

ROSE GERANIUM is a fragrant plant native to South Africa which has a rose-like scent.

6 pieces


with yellow tail, sage and lemon balm pesto, smoked tea

Yellow tail, spinach, sage and lemon balm pesto, smoked tea

The combination of smoked tea, sage & lemon balm is very fresh, minty and almost camphorated. The tea’s smoky bitterness helps to develop a full aromatic palette when combined with something herbal. The combination of sage & lemon balm creates a beautiful freshness, similar to that of green cardamom but also with an oaky element.

Did you know?

MELISSA, known as ‟lemon balm”, is an lemon-scented aromatic plant from the Mediterranean.

1 piece

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