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An Argentinian chef of Italian origin, Mauro Colagreco uses his roots to inspire his creativity. As a holder of three Michelin stars and rated the third best chef in the world by the World's 50 Best Restaurants, his creations invite you to share his love of local produce, fine dining and surprising, unexpected combinations…

My creations are inspired directly by my whole world and background. They represent both my origins and the Mediterranean region that serves as my creative playground, and are based on products and ingredients that are very dear to me. The saffron and edible flowers that I grow in my garden have a very important place in my kitchen.

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Yellowtail sushi, saffron & flowers

Yellowtail sushi marinated in saffron with multicoloured flowers

Yellowtail, saffron mayonnaise, saffron oil, marigold, rose and cornflower petals.

"I like the idea of using flowers in sushi where the subtlety of saffron strengthens the complexity of the taste." - Mauro Colagreco

£ 3.5

1 piece

Salmon squash wasabi and seeds

Salmon, squash wasabi and chia seeds Roll

Salmon, squash wasabi, dill, chia seeds, orange zest.

"In this roll, the play between the flavours and textures of squash wasabi and chia seeds perfectly match the salmon."

£ 6.5

6 pieces

Yellowtail and smoked herring

Yellowtail, smoked herring mousse roll

Smoked herring mayonnaise, yellowtail, puffed amaranth, borage flower.

"I particularly like the smoked notes of the herring which, combined with the texture of puffed amaranth, give a powerful characteristic to this roll."

£ 6.9

6 pieces

Yellowtail ceviche with mango

Yellowtail ceviche with mango

Yellowtail, diced mango, pomegranate, red onion, mint, coriander, lime, green pepper, leche mango sauce.

The ceviche reminds me of my South-American roots, the freshness of this dish is enhanced by the sweetness and flavour of the mango.

£ 19.9

1 piece