A 100% veggie limited edition just for you...

Alain Milliat

Sushi Shop met up with Alain Milliat to make the summer season last even longer...
Discover 2 new innovations with surprising flavours and your favourite vegetarian rolls in a brand new box!

Veggie Box x Alain Milliat
3 Mango Carrot Tulip – NEW
6 Mandarin Spring – NEW
3 Avocado Cheese Maki
3 Veggie Roll
Edamame/Cabbage salad
15 pieces - £13.90

Mango Carrot Tulip
Go nuts for the sweet blend of a fresh mango tartare and seared carrot, all accentuated by the citrusy notes of Timut pepper.
Carrot, mango, coriander, lemon sauce, Timut pepper
1 piece - £2.90

Mandarin Spring
Discover a sunny spring combining the acidity of mandarin and the flavour of basil.
Mandarin, avocado, basil, fennel
 £5.50 - 6 pieces