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Be surprised by our new ice cream creations

Discover the new Mango Passion and Soy Sauce ice creams created by chef Albert Adrià and available as a limited edition!

"From my experience of Japanese cuisine, I have always tried to preserve its values and identity, of which I am a fervent admirer. I love the precision and classicism of this cuisine, and it was on this basis that we worked with the fabulous Sushi Shop team to create these new recipes, which are both simple and very direct in terms of taste.  Without superfluity or technical prowess, but adding my own personal stamp, that of tradition combined with innovation. 

Our sole ambition: to please you!



A combination that is both classic and exotic, as fresh as it is aromatic. This alphonso mango, passion fruit and ginger sorbet is truly a modern classic.

Composition : Mango purée, passion fruit purée, sugar, ginger, coconut oil

£4.50* - 202 KCAL


An intriguing combination will a familiar feel! Soy sauce adds a touch of salt to the classic ice cream base to enhance the coffee aromas. An ice cream with umami flavors that creates a link to the world of sushi.

Ingredients: Milk, cream, salted soy sauce, sugar, coconut oil

£4.50* - 178 KCAL

Suggested presentation.

While stocks last. 

*Recommended retail prices. Adults need aroud 2000kcal a day.