Discover Mory Sacko's new creations for Sushi Shop

For the launch of our new 2023 menu, we have the pleasure and honour of collaborating with the starred chef Mory Sacko.

"I am proud to follow in the footsteps of the many Michelin star chefs who have
worked with Sushi Shop. This collaboration was a chance to revisit my first point of contact with Japanese cuisine: sushi. Working with sushi opened the doors to new flavours and the exciting world of Japanese cooking. Today, thanks to Sushi Shop, I am proud to present these recipes, which represent the essence of my cooking."

In this limited-edition box, chef Mory Sacko takes us on a journey to discover a melting pot of cultures. His daring, understated cuisine with multiple influences is characterised by creative, unique recipes that take you to different continents.

1 Azuki and Salmon Gunkan
2 West Africa Sushi
3 Dengaku Roll
6 Cajun Roll
6 Coco and Lemon Spring
3 Sweet Potato and Cheese Spring
£26.90* - 21 pieces

"Yes, you can actually enjoy spicy recipes!"

Introduction to chilli with the Moscoville Signature Roll by Mory Sacko :

Mixture of raw tuna, cooked tuna & tuna belly, aromatic herb blend (mint, coriander, chives)
Level 1: smoked paprika, piquillos, spicy mayonnaise
Level 2: espelette pepper, vegetarian pepper, sriracha
Level 3: 7 spices, sweet pepper, tabasco mayonnaise
Level 4: smoked chipotle pepper, yellow tabasco pepper, piri piri mayonnaise, bird'eye chili

£12,50* - 8 PIECES

*Maximum recommended price.