In December, the Poke Bowl is in the spotlight at Sushi Shop!

This winter, Sushi Shop is offering a new limited-edition veggie Poke Bowl…

Fresh Veggie Poke

A veggie Poke Bowl to help bring colour to your winter!
Throughout the month of December, enjoy the vitamin-filled flavours of mango and carrot, the fresh notes of ginger and citrus tang of Timut pepper in this limited-edition Poke bowl.

Carrot, mango, avocado, pink radish, grated ginger, fennel, crunchy vegetables, rocket, red cabbage, edamame, olive oil, lime juice, lemon sauce, Timut pepper, coriander, black and white sesame, sushi rice.

£9,90 (Medium) / £12,90 (Large) Base quinoa : + £1


Presentation suggestion. A limited-edition Poke Bowl, available between 01/12 and 31/12 in all Sushi Shop stores.