Le chocolat des français x Sushi Shop

A box to get your teeth into

Sushi Shop have teamed up with Le chocolat des Français, one of the trendiest brands in the chocolate world, to bring together two sets of French expertise for a new limited-edition box.

Discover this wonderful gift set designed by the mischievous artist Rob Hodgson on which his favourite characters compete to be the cheekiest

You’ll love this new box bursting with creativity, containing:
2 French Tulip NEW
6 Festive Roll NEW
6 Katsuobushi Roll NEW
2 Salmon Sushi
2 Teriyaki Salmon Sushi
6 Cheese Avocado Maki
6 Veggie Roll
6 Fresh Salmon Roll
6 Salmon Avocado Spring

£39.90 - 42 pieces