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Our finest recipes, all wrapped up in one beautiful package…

For the first time, Sushi Shop has brought together its most original creations to create a truly special experience: THE SIGNATURE BOX.

This indulgent and adventurous box is sure to win the heart of any sushi lover.

4 Fire Roll
4 Color Fresh
4 Rock N Roll
4 Exotic Tempura Roll - NEW
4 Chicken Dragon Roll

£25.90* | 20 pieces | 1092kcal

Discover the latest in the Signature range: Exotic Tempura Roll Signature - NEW

 The combination of mango, kumquat and miso-yuzu mayonnaise brings an exciting new dimension to the classic prawn/avocado pairing.
It's a revelation!

Prawn, mango, avocado, coriander, chives, sesame, kumquat, miso yuzu mayonnaise

£10,50€* | 8 pieces | 542kcal

*Maximum recommended prices.
Adults need aroud 2000kcal a day.