What if PAC-MAN preferred eating Sushi to Pac-Dots?

 Discover PAC-MAN's favourite recipes in the new Limited Edition Sushi Shop x PAC-MAN box!

Play with the SUSHI SHOP X PAC-MAN box! Be among the best players to win a meal for two at Sushi Shop! Go to to participate.

Discover our new limited edition box:

42 pieces to enjoy, with 3 bonus recipes and no ghosts in sight!

2 Curry Prawn Sushi

6 Yellowtail Yuzu Maki

6 Ikura Vegetable Spring

2 Salmon Sushi

2 Salmon Teriyaki Sushi

6 Cheese Salmon Maki 

6 Pacific Roll

6 Chicken Katsu Roll

6 Avocado Cheese Spring

Our chefs have been inspired by this iconic game to create 3 addictive recipes! Begin your adventure now!

Curry Prawn Sushi 

Prawn, curry mayonnaise, curry powder, coriander

An irresistable combination of curry spices and delicate prawns!

£2.90* - 1 piece / 54 KCAL

Yellowtail Yuzu Maki

Yellowtail, miso yuzu mayonnaise, basil, yuzu sesame

The perfect mix of yellowtail and and yuzu will really tickle your tastebuds. It's definitely PAC-MAN's favourite recipe!

£6.80*- 6 pieces / 276 KCAL 

£3.50* - 3 pieces / 138 KCAL

Ikura Vegetable Spring

Ikura (salmon roe), avocado, cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber, dill, lime

A fresh spring roll with vegetables & Pac-Dots...  (actually delicate salmon roe pearls that pop in your mouth!)

£6.90* - 6 pieces/ 228 KCAL

£3.60* - 3 pieces  / 114 KCAL

PAC-MAN™& ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Presentation suggestion. Adults need aroud 2000Kcal a day.