Our recipes

Sushi Shop continues to surprise you for the autumn season…

Looking for something new? Go wild for our new menu, full of tasty, moreish surprises!

Maki sides...
Avocado wasabi
A cucumber and fresh, creamy avocado maki topped with wasabi mayonnaise. The perfect blend!

Our California rolls...
Smoked Salmon
A new take on a classic! Smoked salmon with green apple and beetroot, all spiced up with lime zest to give this California roll a new dimension.

Carrot orange Yellowtail
A smooth, creamy and fresh recipe where the sea bream is enhanced by the combination of avocado and carrot, topped with orange zest.

Spring roll sides...
Fennel Boquerones
Better known traditionally as tapas, now reimagined by our chefs. Be surprised by the subtle combination of anchovies, fennel and cream cheese.

And much more!
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