Sushi Shop x nanoblock™, create the box you've always dreamed of!

Brand new! Sushi Shop encourages you to put together your ideal box! You're not dreaming!

On the menu: you choose the items for your box*, which will harmonise perfectly with the 3 new creations that our sushimen chefs have designed for the occasion.

For such a box, the collaboration with nanoblockTM was a natural fit.
you assemble your favourite sushi in the box.


2 Beef & Onion confit Sushi – picto NEW
6 Tuna Wasabi Maki– picto NEW
6 Yellowtail Grapefruit Spring Roll– picto NEW
4 Sushi* (2x2 pieces)
4 Rolls* (4x6 pieces)

£39,90** - 42 pieces

3 new creations that will take your taste buds on a journey...

Beef & Onion confit Sushi
Snacked beef, confit with onions and seaweed, chives, olive oil
Sample the new beef sushi, accompanied by a tasty onion confit with seaweed… This unique fusion between land and sea creates the perfect balance inside your mouth!
£3,50** - 1 piece

Tuna Wasabi Maki
Tuna, wasabi mayonnaise, avocado, chives, rocket
A subtle aroma of wasabi floats in the air... Discover our latest maki creation, based around the flavours of tuna, the peppery taste of rocket and a hint of wasabi!
£5,50** - 6 piece

Yellowtail Grapefruit Spring Rolls
Diced yellowtail, grapefruit juice and supreme, yuzu miso sauce, avocado, treviso, dill
The famous yellowtail/citrus combination is all about freshness! Indulge yourself with this new take on the yellowtail poke bowl…
£7,20** - 6 pieces

*Among a selection of products.
**Maximum recommended prices.