Sushi Shop x Paul Pairet is the year collab you won’t want to miss, and it’s out now.

With a combination of travelling around the world, nods to his iconic dishes and references to the great French picnic tradition, discover the creations of Paul Pairet

Box by Paul Pairet

8 Beijing Roll
6 ABLT Spring
1 Anchovy Sushi-Mozz
2 Baltic Sushi-Mozz
2 Mayo Chicken Sushi-Roast
1 Sardine Sushi-Roast NEW

20 pieces - £ 27.9*

Sardine & Rice Salad
Very lightly marinated sardines, before they are “boxed up", for a simple and obvious Franco-Japanese rice salad version of a family mix
£ 9* - 1 piece

Mango-Dill Sweet Sushi
Inspired by one of the first desserts that I dreamt up in 1989, and which I have kept a unique version of until today.
£ 2.5* - 1 piece

Avocado Sweet Tulip with Nutella®
There’s just one step from avocado to hazelnut… Nutella®!
£ 2.5* - 1 piece

That's not all...
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*Maximum recommended prices