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The Signature Box is back!

The Signature box is back!

Our much-loved box is back for you to enjoy. Our finest recipes in one exceptional box : the Signature Box.

Discover and savour our finest Signature creations.
4 Fire Roll
4 Color Fresh
4 Rock N Roll
4 Exotic Tempura Roll - NEW
4 Chicken Dragon Roll

£26.90* | 20 pieces | 1330kcal

Rediscover the latest addition to our Signature range...

The combination of mango, kumquat and miso yuzu mayonnaise gives a new dimension to the classic shrimp and avocado combination you've come to love...Try it today!

Prawn tempura, mango, avocado, coriander, chives, sesame, kumquat, miso yuzu mayonnaise

£10.90* | 8 pieces | 542kcal