Try to win an experience for two for two worth 150 by finding the golden ticket in a Box for Two Gourmet

Sushi Shop wishes you a beautiful, happy and tasty Valentine's Day.

On the menu:
For this special day, try to win a gift card worth £150* in partnership with Staycation! Will you find the golden ticket in a Box For Two Gourmet?


Box for Two Gourmet


2 Sushi Salmon
2 Teriyaki Salmon Sushi
2 Sushi Tuna
6 Maki Salmon Roll
6 California Salmon Avocado
6 California French Touch
6 Spring Tataki Salmon
6 Spring Shrimp
8 Signature Rock N Roll

44 pieces - £49**
Add some spice to your meal with the new Signature, created by chef Mory Sacko! An introduction to chilli that will leave a lasting impression.


MoScoville Signature Roll

Mixed raw tuna, cooked tuna and ventrèche, herb mix (mint, coriander, chives)
Level 1: smoked paprika, piquillos, spicy mayonnaise
Level 2: Espelette pepper, vegetarian pepper, sriracha mayonnaise
Level 3: 7 spice, sweet chilli, tabasco mayonnaise
Level 4 : smoked chipotle pepper, yellow tabasco pepper, piri piri mayonnaise, bird pepper

8 PIECES - 12,90€**
And to end on a high note, discover our selection of desserts: from the freshest to the most gourmet, there is something for everyone.
Enjoy your meal!


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