Sushi Shop and Romain Froquet are partnering to plant 2,500 trees.
With the Tree Box, you will help transform an abandoned piece of land into a lush ecosystem.
22 species of trees will be planted, including fruit trees that strongly encourage biodiversity.
Discover the
42 pieces
  • 6 Yellowtail Ponzu California Rolls new
  • 6 Chicken Curry Spring new
  • 2 Teriyaki Salmon Tulip new
  • 2 Salmon Sushi
  • 2 Teriyaki Salmon Sushi
  • 6 Avocado and Cheese Maki
  • 6 Cooked Tuna Avocado California Rolls
  • 6 Salmon Aburi Rolls
  • 6 Salmon Avocado Spring
£ 39.9

3 exclusive creations

California Yellowtail Ponzu
Savour this new California roll combining the acidic taste of apple, the freshness of lettuce and the subtlety of yellowtail
£ 6.9
6 pieces
Teriyaki Salmon Tulip
Be amazed by the subtle mix of seared leek and salmon coated in teriyaki sauce.
£ 2.9
1 piece
Spring Chicken Curry
Discover this generous Spring roll combining the taste of spinach and green curried chicken.
£ 6.5
6 pieces
©Thomas Granovsky
Romain Froquet

For 15 years, Romain Froquet has been creating a painted forest in inks and acrylics.

Hundreds of trees in subtle colours adorn walls in Paris, Houston, Miami, Moscow and his studio. He calls them “Urban Trees”, strong symbols of reconnection to nature that point to the sky and are rooted in reality.

A visual metaphor on the place of humans in the ecosystem and his desire for solidarity.

Let’s plant 2500 trees!
Follow the progress of this reforestation project live with our partner Gifts for Change.